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Dear Friend

Let me ask you a quick question....

Are stink bugs literally driving you insane? Are they invading your home, covering every window, coming out of the walls and crawling around in your cutlery drawer? If the answer is yes, then read on, as this will most likely be the most important message you read today.

Hi my name is Henry Moorecroft, and just like you, I hate stink bugs!

About 4 years ago, my home was infested with stink bugs. They were absolutely everywhere in their hundreds, if not thousands. As quickly as I got rid of them, they would return. It was a nightmare, extremely frustrating and terribly embarrasing. I tried everything to get rid of them. Squashing them, (don't do this) spraying them, vacuuming them up, at one point I thinik I even tried my wifes hairspray! Stink bugs seem to be immune to everything you throw at them -- and what's worse is that they just keep coming back!

Apart from the embarrasement of not being able to invite guests to our house, the worst part is the terrible odour that they leave behind when you squash them, which strangely enough, seems to attract more of them. And on top of this foul stench, my family was constantly breathing in whatever I was spraying around the house at the time. I literally felt like I was living inside a giant bug catcher. It was just awful.

Breaking point eventually came when my 2 year old daughter awoke one night with stink bugs in her bed, then I found one in our refrigerator, crawling all over the food! I knew I couldn't take this any longer and had to do something, so I called a professional pest exterminator. I was sure this would solve the problem of our stink bug infestation once and for all.

Boy, was I wrong.

At first we had the inconvenience of not being able to stay in our house for at least 24 hours, which meant my family and I had to stay at my mothers inlaws house, which was almost as bad as the stink bug problem itself! Secondly the entire treatment cost us over $400, which at the time was money that we really couldn't afford!

Eventually however we returned home to find that everything was great, or at least at first it was. The stink bugs were gone and I felt a sense of relief. Then suddenly, just a little over 3 weeks after having my home professionally treated and sprayed, they came back. I was furious. I had spent $400 having my entire home sprayed with reassurance from the exterminators that their treatment would be the best possible solution, and yet, I woke one morning with a stink bug crawling all over my toothbrush! I was not impressed!!

That was it, I was at my wits end. Something had to give! It was either get rid of the stink bugs or move house!

Fortunately, what happened next
saved my home and our family's sanity!

It was during a conversation over the phone to my uncle who lived in Pennsylvania, (where apparently stink bugs are a major problem), that he shared with me an amazing secret. My uncle, much to my surprise, said that he had stumbled upon a way to get rid of the stink bugs permanently, once and for all, without insecticides or expensive treatment! I was intriguded by his claim, a little sceptical, but certainly wanted to know more!

What he told me was that he too had shared similiar frustrations of ongoing stink bug infestations and had finally figured out how to get rid of them for good, and better yet, hadn't had one stink bug in his house for over 6 years! Infact he had shared his very methods with many friends and they too shared the same results - no more stink bugs! Gone!

I then asked him if he would email me the exact details in a simple step by step format so that I could try them at home myself. The results were awesome.

The stink bugs which were already in our home started to disappear. What was even better was that, unlike before, NO MORE were coming back! The stink bugs were gone! I was happy, my wife was happy, and we no longer had to worry about our young daughter eating any of them!

That's when I got to many other people were out there that suffered from this very same problem? How many other families were going through what we were? How many people would appreciate this information too?

That's when I decided to contact my uncle again and ask him if I’d like to set up a web-site to share his years of research and findings on how to get rid of stink bugs, which could potentially help others like myself too. He was happy to, and that's when we put together ....."How To Get Rid Of Stink Bugs"

Wage War Against These Pesky Stink Bugs. . . and WIN!

This is a straight up guide, complete with photographs, gets straight to the point and reveals a wealth of valuable facts, detection techniques and expert tips on how to get rid of stink bugs -- for good!

Even if your home hasn't yet been infected with stink bugs, you'll learn everything you need to know to protect yourself against bringing them into your home! Often prevention is better than cure!

So whether you're looking for ways to prevent a problem or you're currently going through the nightmare of a stink bug invasion into your home, you'll discover exactly what you need to know to live stink bug free.

What exactly does this guide cover?

How to get rid of stink bugs permanently from your home.
A straight forward and easy method that you can follow to eliminate an existing infestation.
You’ll learn how to identify stink bugs (descriptions and stink bug pictures).
How to ensure you keep your children and pets safe during treatment.
Become familiar with all the signals of stink bug activity (what you really need to look for).
What happens if you squash stink bugs and how the odour can make the situation worse!
Explore the options between in house treatment and expensive professional extermination.
How to use chemical free alternatives to remove stink bugs safely.
How to make simple, zero cost stink bug traps and where best to place them.
The most common places stink bugs lay their eggs and how you can remove them easily
Proven methods that show you how you can prevent a stink bug infestation to both your home and garden
Get the facts about where stink bugs come from, what signals attracts them, and how to disable those signals
Uncover where stink bugs like to hide (places you'd least expect)
Learn how to guard your home against possible invasions when you are away on holidays or travel
Gain immediate access to much more including "handy checklists"
...and much much more!

So What's This Valuable Info Going To Cost?

This jammed packed, straight-to-the-point guide to getting rid of stink bugs is truly a one-of-a-kind resource that is available exclusively only with us.

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Now Think About This....

How Much Does Professional Pest Removal Services Cost?

To pay someone for professional pest removal would probably cost you about as much as it cost me initially - around $400 for the initial treatment, then upwards of $60 an hour for ongoing help. How many hours would it take to completely remove every stink bug from your home? 2 hours? 4 hours? a week? ...or more? Most likely assuming the removal service needs to be done a few times over to work, youre going to spend hundreds if not thousands in extermination fees! It's a no brainer really - this guide will save you thousands of dollars!

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Thanks Henry!!

My mother actually sent me an email with this website address and said I should take a look. I was a bit skeptical at first, but decided to buy your ebook. I can't believe how simple your methods were and after just a week of doing what you said, I haven't seen any more stink bugs. Thats after an ongoing problem for over 5 months. Im pretty angry at our pest control servicemen actually.

I recommend it highly.

Helen Forrest.

All I can say is THANK YOU!

We had just moved into our new home here in Pennsylvania, and the day we moved in, I found our 18 month old son sitting in the living room, chewing on a dead stink bug! I wasnt exactly impressed. And also, our cat kept killing them, and leaving them around the house. The smell was horrible.

Since trying your methods the results have been amazing!

For the $17 spent on this ebook, it has been worth every cent and then some. All I can say is THANK YOU!

Kylie Conroy.
Lancaster County

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Let's fight these stink bugs together!

Warm regards

P.S. Don't forget, you have absolutely no risk in ordering your copy of "How To Get Rid Of Stink Bugs" ... if you aren't completely satisfied, just contact me and you'll get a full refund. And you can even keep the e-book as my gift to you.


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